What is the best way to host multiple websites on one server

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What is the best way to host multiple websites on one server?

You want to launch multiple websites on the internet. Their are 2 ways to achieve this goal.

Multiple websites on different hosting plan

Hosting multiple websites to individual server. This really sounds very difficult to manange all and also very time and money consuming process. The alternate to do this is getting a server hosting for all of your sites. You can host all of your websites in a single server instead of multiple hosts.

Multiple websites on single hosting planMultiple websites on single hosting plan



Yes, this is possible. You can manage all your websites in one server. This will help you save money and time which you have to spend on multiple hosting plans.


First you have to get your domain and hosting. I will highly recommend hostinger, as its hosting is very cheap comparatively to other hosting plans and with all features.

Now, if you want to host multiple websites on single hosting plan of hostinger, then go for premium Web hosting, it provides you the feature of hosting 100 websites with in the same hosting plan. Isn’t it surprising.


Suppose you already have single hosting plan, then you can upgrade to premium Web hosting. For do this, click on hosting and then click on upgrade and follow the following procedure.


Add multiple websites to single hosting plan upgrade feature

For hosting multiple websites within the same hosting plan, click on add website. Then add domain name and password. Then add your website, now your website is added within single hosting plan.

Now the websites are added with in single hosting plan, but may be it is not working. Why? To understand this first look at the concept of DNS.

What is DNS and how it works?

Do you know DNS, today in the world of technology we can easily access any website on the internet, in this process DNS plays a very important role. In our everyday life we are using DNS, but we donot know what is DNS. Just because of DNS we don’t need to remember IP addresses of all websites. You can compare DNS to a telephone directory or a phone book. DNS is a server that stores ip address of a website with a corresponding domain name.

Now the question arises,whether DNS stores all the data about all the websites over the internet. It is very impossible. As the website data is very very large and also may be to cope up with the security issues. To resolve this problem, their are many DNS servers.

Now we have added website to a hosting service and one more step is to be followed.




Now one more thing you have to do is to add nameservers of site to the DNS which may be hostinger/GoDaddy or anything else. This can be done by going through the option of manage website. If you donot add nameservers to the DNS then site will not load as the domain name will not ne added to name server of hosting service.

The question arises how to wander between different websites on a single hosting plan?

You can do easily by having admin ID and password are different for each website added.


Hope this article will help you a lot. Their are more such amazing concepts. Please visit Oboxiee to know much more and to have the complete knowledge of SEO.




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