Why my internet is slow

Why my internet is slow? How to speed up the internet speed?

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What are reasons for slow internet and how to cope with it?

Pollution, Cloudy weather, rainy season, winters. To deal with these circumstances their is no such app which can cope with these situations for slow internet.

Router is far away from your device. If the router is at high distance. Then signals will get weak as the distance increases. Make sure your device is near to router for getting maximum signals and high internet speed.

Other programs like video running in background, smart home devices as you know today is the world of technology everything is getting smart device. May be you donot know that these are running and consuming a reasonable amount of bandwidth. So, make sure what is your bandwidth allowed according to your plan and how much are you using for increasing speed of internet.

Your system can have virus. Any malware program it virus can decrease speed to very low as expected so to deal with this, must install anti virus program to remove all bugs or any unwanted software.

Degradation of signals caused due to placement of router. May be some elements like metal furniture, elevators or wall can slower down the internet speed. Their should be clear path between router and your device.

The setting of browser will also have a great impact on internet speed. Suppose you are using a browser with plug-ins or with add-on features. It will certainly decrease speed of internet. So, to deal with it you must check browser setting and take an appropriate step then. Their are certain plug-ins which consume huge amount of data.

The connection may be slower from the host server itself. If your hosting service is not providing enough signals then it could be a problem. It can occurs or sometimes it can occurs when the government itself specify a rule for host servers to be down in a particular region. I even face this situation.

If you are on a cable connection. Then sometimes at the peak hours, the internet speed might get slow.

Examine your router to know about the manufacturing year in which router is built. As technology is getting more and more developed day by day. The features are also enhancing. Maybe your router is not able to load megabits per second because of the manufacturing features. This may be one of the great reason for slow internet. In this case you need to update your router.

Opening too many tabs at the same time can influence the speed of internet. 2000 tabs opened donot require attention at the same time.

KiYour cached data is the data you pick up. Everytime you visit a site, every site stores some data about the website like cookies on your computer so that their pages will load faster in the future. That looks like a good thing and it does makes the things convenient and quick upto some extent. Do you know as soon your computer and your browser are holding so much of data or information and it is weighing the whole system which leads to internet speed down. For coping with this, use clear cache plug-in which will help you to deal with this.


Ad is everywhere and it considerably uses lots of bandwidth. To deal with this, you can use any ad blocker but use it carefully, if you are using any free service it might be malware.

Thank you so much. Hope this will help you all to deal with the situation. Oboxiee will continue to publish such posts Thank you very much.



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