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Y2mate com


Y2mate is an online platform and a free tool to download videos and audios from youtube, facebook etc. Into MP3, MP4 in HD format and provides a very simple and user friendly interface.

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How to use Y2mate com to download youtube videos?

Step 1 : Visit youtube.com and open the video you wish to download.

Step 2 : Now go to y2mate tool. Next step is to paste the youtube video URL in the search box. Now inbuilt tool of Y2mate will automatically fetch the video information. 

Step 3 : Now just select the format i.e. video format or audio format you want

For video downloads formats available are:-

1080p (.MP4) Full HD

700p (.MP4) m-HD

480p (.MP4)




144p (.3gp)

Y2mate com tool shows all the versions followed by the file size of url of video in that particular format and then followed by the download button.

Y2mate com video option

For audio download formats available are :-

.MP3 (128 kbps)

Y2mate audio mp3

For MP3 download formats available are :-


Y2mate MP3 download

Step 4 : Now after selecting the desired option click on the download button.

Step 5 : Now, the video gets downloaded.

Note :- Using any reasonably tool to download videos or audios of others is strictly prohibited by Google webmaster guidelines. We also donot support any of this kind of activity.

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Features of Y2mate com

1. Free – It’s completely a free feature. Their is not any  hidden or any reasonably fees to hold out the conversion of the video.

2. Variable versions – It allows variable versions within the sense that it allows multiple formats i.e. audio, video, MP3 in the formats .MP3, .MP4, .wmv, .flo etc.

3. Diversity – It allows to settle on from various file sizes and kinds.

4. No Registration – Their isn’t any have to do any reasonably join up or registration to use the tool.

5. Online tool – Their is not any have to download any reasonably  downloading of software. You can use it completely online. However , it’s extension is also available for which we will talk about later.

6. Preview before downloading – It allows to view video online before downloading as it’s inbuilt tool automatically fetch the video.

7. Resume option – If a connection loss occurs in between, then it automatically allows to auto resume the video in between.

8. Different language support – Due to the feature of availability in additional  than 19 different languages. It offers a large style of crowd to use this online free tool.

9. Different platform support – It also allows the feature to be used on many different platforms like chrome, firefox, opera, safari, MS edge etc.

10. High speed – It’s just a wonderfull tool to urge the video downloaded during an awfully high speed format.

11. Top quality formats – It also offers the Hd format of the video to be downloaded.

12. Simple interface – It provides an awfully simple interface , just must put the url of the video and click on the download button.

13. Multiple playlists – It also allows the feature to handle multiple playlists at just the once. Isn’t it amazing.

14. Unlimited download available – It allows the users to download unlimited number of videos i.e. the user is free from using the tool with no restriction or any limited number of version.

How to download just the audio from the youtube video using y2mate?

Just go to Y2mate from Google search bar.

Yes, Y2MATE allows to download just the audio from youtube video.

Then enter the desired Url of the youtube video for which you want to convert into audio file like MP3.

Then you will get the youtube video snippet of the entered url for this you want the audio file .

Now scroll down and click on the audio tab.

You will find options to download audio file in different formats available. Currently the available formats for audio download by y2mate are .MP3 and .m4a

Available audio formats on y2mate
available audio formats on y2mate

Now click on download button and your video get downloaded on your device.

How to get sponsorships from Y2mate for YouTube videos?

Yes, you can get sponsorships from Y2mate for YouTube videos. Go to Youtube video influencer marketing for brands and advertiser’s. You are eligible to join if you achieve more than 5000 subscribers. If you have make an account as a creator. Then you will find y2mate their. Not only y2mate, you will find many other companies like snaptube too who are willing to parternership with youtube creators. Just apply their and wait for approval.

How to avoid YouTube videos from being downloaded on y2mate?

I can assure you that there’s no possible path to avoid YouTube videos from being downloaded on Internet.

The only way you’ll be able to ensure your video isn’t downloaded or copied is to not upload it.

If anyone does re-upload a video that you just own all rights on, to Youtube, you’ll be able to request it’s taken down or claim any advertising revenue from it.

Can I download YouTube Originals collection videos as.mp4 with Y2Mate?

Yes, you can download YouTube Originals series videos as.mp4 with Y2Mate. YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform that is very popular amongst users to enjoy, like, remark, as well as upload videos.

There are numerous YouTube video clip downloaders to download and install YouTube videos. Yet Y2mate is the best downloader. You can easily utilize it. These downloaders support high and low-grade resolution videos based on your demand. There have lots of alternatives to download and install. So you can select an alternative like you then download any type of series.

There is a basic way to resolve this trouble. If you require to do is transform and also download your YouTube video clip in an mp4 format. You can do it conveniently. It additionally makes good sense to cite the original or resource, if you are recycling these video clips for industrial or various other functions.

Rather than you obtain a high-speed download. You can download video clips from a wide range of video-sharing websites with Y2mate. So if you can’t discover the video clip on YouTube, you can still download it from one more website. So you currently understand it’s working for series.

How to increase download speed of youtube video on y2mate?

To increase download speed of youtube video typically based on the package you are opting for Internet service provider. Their is no option to adjust the uploading and downloading of any content via y2mate or any other service. To increase downloading speed you must have to opt for upgrading high downloading speed with high bandwidth and high data.

How to use y2mate for massive youtube video download?

Ofcourse yes, Y2 mate allows you to download massive video download. For this you have to enter the all url’s separated by comma in the search field. Then it will automatically fetch the sample image link of the youtube video as shown in picture. By clicking on download now button you can easily download massive video download.

Massive youtube video download using y2mate
massive youtube video download using y2mate

How do I stop Y2mate ads?

Y2mate ads can only be stopped by using ad blockers and we donot support using ad blockers as using it is kind of legal obligation. By changing any kind of settings from site accessibility for notifications, pop ups or ads will not eliminate ads on y2mate site.

Which company owns y2mate?

The name of the company that owns y2mate according to who.is is URL SOLUTIONS INC. contact address of Y2mate is Tower Financial Center Flr 35, 50th St y E. Mendez St, Panama, North America.

How do I uninstall y2mate?

If you are using y2mate apk, then you may want to uninstall it. To uninstall it go to file manager, then go to downloads and search for y2mate FG ile. Then simply delete it. It will uninstall the application.

Country that made y2mate

One of the interesting thing to be known about y2mate if about the country who made the product. Since the country has a major effect as it builds the trust in mind of users. Y2mate is originated in Russia based youtube to MP4 video converters.

The truth behind the legality of using YouTube video downloader y2mate com 2022 

The truth is that, using Y2mate com 2022 or any other downloader to download files is not legal in any way. As, these downloader work by converting other people content that is copyrighted into the form that you want or just simply downloading it. Also, youtube policy does not allow to use any kind of copyrighted content. Though you can use only custom creatives or youtube audio library or something that is free from copyright restrictions.

Why y2mate is not available on Google Play Store?

Even though with the Tremendous amount of users of Y2mate, Y2 mate is still not available on Google Play Store. The reason being that according to google policies nobody is allowed to download someone other content. The reason whatever may be or even geniune like for study purpose of students. You are not allowed to download other people content in any circumstances. Y2mate is doing what exactly the same that is against google policies. So, it could not get permission to be on Google Play Store.

Is it okay to download youtube videos online?

I will say, if you are using any of the offline youtube video downloader then you will get the desired quality format like hd format without any issue.

But if you want to download videos online you may face some problems. Like you may not get the desired quality format or if the the video is too long, something it happens that video stopped in between and unable to download. For this, I will say Y2 mate youtube video downloader is the best option to download online.

Why do internet online video downloaders like y2mate constantly crash?

Any online video downloader like y2mate crash because if you are downloading very heavy contents using these. Like if you are downloading say 4k hd video , then you can think it is too much heavy for any device. And can cause to crash online video downloader s.

Is using y2mate in the uk legal?

yes, for surety. Don’t be surprised. It is purely legal in uk. Y2mate offers the service to download videos from platforms like YouTube. You are free to download any video for later viewing from y2mate in uk. No law or policy can bind you.

Can I trust y2mate?

This question is probably both answer yes and no. Their are billions of users of Y2mate app. Still it is not legal, legal issues may be due to violations of rules and policies. But if used for genuine purpose like education or projects or presentation, we need to use video downloader for downloading videos. So, in that case we can trust y2mate download videos.

But because of ads running on it, it may bring some malware in your device. This is just ridiculous. It may or may not happen. In that case you can not trust completely on y2mate.

How does powerpoint video editing features requires y2mate video downloader?

To make a presentation for any purpose like students, projects or educational ppts. I think Microsoft product powerpoint is a great option. To make the PowerPoint presentation more engaging and interactive videos are embedded in it.

To use complete set of powerpoint video editing features, it is required that video must be available on computer. So, video must be downloaded on to the computer from the internet. For this you can use y2mate video downloader.

Can i download youtube originals series videos as .mp4 with y2mate?

Yes, you are allowed to download youtube original series into .MP4 format without the need to worry about quality. For this, you just need to the y2mate site and then click on the search bar and paste the URL for which you need the .MP4 format.

Now after entering the video into the search bar just click on the tab as audio tab. And all formats available for audio will get didplaed.

now just click on the download icon to get the video downloaded in .MP4 format.

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Risks involved with Y2mate com

Y2mate com contains danger viruses that’s very dangerous thing which can install unintentionally or accidentally. Risks committed Y2mate com is that the malware that’s associated with it.

How to remove the malwares that may be installed accidentally while using y2mate com?

If any quite malware unknowingly installed on device, you wish to safeguard your device and take away the malwares from the device.

Steps for removing malwares Y2mate com from PC includes

Step 1 : Right click on web browser icon. Select properties, check your target path encoding with numbers.

Y2mate malware remove pc

Step 2 : Attend google.com and choose the three dots within the top right corner and choose the settings and scroll down find privacy and settings and choose clear browsing data, a brand new window will pop up. This window will allows you to pick out the time range from when the PC is infected. It also has the option for advanced tab and check all the check boxes and click on clear data.

Step 3 : Next step is to go for the option of cookies and other site data and select the option box for block third party cookies in incognito.

Y2mate malware remove pc 5

And turn on the clear cookies and site data when you quit chrome. Also turn on send a “do not track” request with your browsing traffic and press confirm.

Y2mate malware remove pc 4

Now go back again to privacy and security option and select security tab and turn on standard option box

Y2mate malware remove pc 5

Step 4 : Now go back to site settings and go to location, camera, microphone, notifications.

Y2mate malware remove pc 3

And turn off to block pop ups and redirects.

Y2mate malware remove pc 2

Step 5 : Now again go to three dots at the top right corner of chrome and select more options and then extensions.

Y2mate malware remove pc 1

Step 6 : A new window will appear and remove any virus that is being accidentally installed on device.

This is all about removing malware Y2mate com on pc device.

Steps for removing malware Y2mate com on your mobile device

Step 1 : Go to google chrome and select the three dots in the top right corner of chrome in mobile device. Then goto history and select clear browsing data and select the time range from when the mobile is infected at the top right corner. Then click on clear data.

Y2mate malware from mobile

Y2mate extension

Y2mate extension is a very interesting feature that allows you to download audio or video in just one click. It allows you to add extension i.e. y2mate converter button for chrome ( adding y2mate add on). It directly add y2mate download button on each youtube video.

How to add Y2mate extension?

Step 1 : Add the MeddleMonkey extension from Chrome Web Store and you will be directed to a new window. Look in the picture.

Y2mate extension 2

Step 2 : Click on ” install now ” button to add Y2mate downloader button for videos and audios for free.

Y2mate extension 1

Step 3  : Now for checking go to youtube.com and see the “download ” button is added with all options for like, share etc.

Y2mate extension


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Y2mate extension features

1. It is totally free.

2. No sign up required even after installation.

3. It provides a quick allowance to install youtube video.

4. It is compatible with different platforms like chrome, safari, firefox, opera next etc.

5. Their is no need to leave youtube app as download button is now available with in the app.

Is there any alternatives to Y2mate?

Yes, there are many alternate options available which are better than y2mate and even free from any malware virus program.


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