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How to remove the malwares that may be installed accidentally while using y2mate com?

If any quite malware unknowingly installed on device, you wish to safeguard your device and take away the malwares from the device.

Steps for removing malwares Y2mate com from PC includes

Step 1 : Right click on web browser icon. Select properties, check your target path encoding with numbers.

Y2mate malware remove pc

Step 2 : Attend google.com and choose the three dots within the top right corner and choose the settings and scroll down find privacy and settings and choose clear browsing data, a brand new window will pop up. This window will allows you to pick out the time range from when the PC is infected. It also has the option for advanced tab and check all the check boxes and click on clear data.

Step 3 : Next step is to go for the option of cookies and other site data and select the option box for block third party cookies in incognito.

Y2mate malware remove pc 5

And turn on the clear cookies and site data when you quit chrome. Also turn on send a “do not track” request with your browsing traffic and press confirm.

Y2mate malware remove pc 4

Now go back again to privacy and security option and select security tab and turn on standard option box

Y2mate malware remove pc 5

Step 4 : Now go back to site settings and go to location, camera, microphone, notifications.

Y2mate malware remove pc 3

And turn off to block pop ups and redirects.

Y2mate malware remove pc 2

Step 5 : Now again go to three dots at the top right corner of chrome and select more options and then extensions.

Y2mate malware remove pc 1

Step 6 : A new window will appear and remove any virus that is being accidentally installed on device.

This is all about removing malware Y2mate com on pc device.

Steps for removing malware Y2mate com on your mobile device

Step 1 : Go to google chrome and select the three dots in the top right corner of chrome in mobile device. Then goto history and select clear browsing data and select the time range from when the mobile is infected at the top right corner. Then click on clear data.

Y2mate malware from mobile

Y2mate extension

Y2mate extension is a very interesting feature that allows you to download audio or video in just one click. It allows you to add extension i.e. y2mate converter button for chrome ( adding y2mate add on). It directly add y2mate download button on each youtube video.

How to add Y2mate extension?

Step 1 : Add the MeddleMonkey extension from Chrome Web Store and you will be directed to a new window. Look in the picture.

Y2mate extension 2

Step 2 : Click on ” install now ” button to add Y2mate downloader button for videos and audios for free.

Y2mate extension 1

Step 3  : Now for checking go to youtube.com and see the “download ” button is added with all options for like, share etc.

Y2mate extension


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Y2mate extension features

1. It is totally free.

2. No sign up required even after installation.

3. It provides a quick allowance to install youtube video.

4. It is compatible with different platforms like chrome, safari, firefox, opera next etc.

5. Their is no need to leave youtube app as download button is now available with in the app.

Is there any alternatives to Y2mate?

Yes, there are many alternate options available which are better than y2mate and even free from any malware virus program.


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